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Looking for Place to Buy Second Hand Car or 4WD Battery in Central Coast?

The Second Hand Car Battery Central Coast team continues to be the most recognised used car battery Suppler in Central Coast today! We have been at the forefront of used car battery suppler for over 18 years. Our reputation for quality has been refined and demonstrated over many decades.

Central Coast Second Hand Car Batteries provide a wide range of replacement batteries for any Passenger, SUV and AWD, Motorcycle, Truck, and Commercial Trucks. Whatever your battery needs We have a battery to suit. Whatever your vehicle is it? Wherever you are? Whenever you need it? Choose Central Coast’s best known Used Car Batteries. When it comes to batteries, just Call us!

second Hand car battery Central Coast

New Car Battery or Second Hand Car Battery that the Question?

You can buy new battery that coast triple price of buying second hand one. So if it is doing the same function and has warranty what is the point of buying new one. its has been tasted by our experts in battery technology with its industrial chemistry knowledge being an integral skill set of the sales management team.

We are an affiliate of the world , one of the Central Coast’s largest battery sales with affiliates in 19 suburbs.

Car Wreckers Sydney

List of Our Battery Range

  • Cars & Passenger Vehicles
  • Battery Testers
  • Commercial – Truck and Heavy
  • Equipment
    Optima Spiral Cell
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